Sarsaparilla Root(サルサぺリア根.)............2 ounces,

Yellow Dock Root(イエロードック根)..............2 ounces,

Burdock Root.(ごぼう).................2 ounces,

Black Haw Bark(黒さんざし)................2 ounces,

Prickly Ash Bark(ブリックリー・アッシュ・バーク)(とげトネリコの樹皮)..............2 ounces,

Elder Flower(ニワトコの花)..................4 ounces.

This would all be be placed into one gallon of rain water(精製水), reduced by simmering - not boiling - to one quart.

While still warm add to this:

Grain Alcohol(穀物アルコール).................4 ounces, with Balsam of Tolu(トルーバルサム)................3 drams,












3. Now these are conditions as we find them in this body - [3810] we are speaking of: Through the blood supplying forces we find the circulation still carrying some of the bacilli that have caused so much of the condition that has been produced within the system that gives the incorrect incentives to muscular and nerve forces by leaving in many of the forces necessary to be picked up by the circulation, produced in the lymphatics, so that we have produced much of this condition in the body from these. The condition in the blood has been caused by seepage as we would call it here, through the viscera, and the action of the circulation through the hepatics; that is, of the liver and the kidneys themselves, and the condition produced there by non- elimination, allowed much of the poisons to be taken up and distributed to the capillary and emunctory forces, - see?

5. Through the nerve forces in the body we find the action, as we have given of certain ganglia along the whole course of the spine, has become affected to give the effect to certain portions or certain organs in their functioning, just as we have through the action of these same forces, we have produced in the sensory organism the effect that has been reached to that to the sense of sight, so that in the circulation has been carried, and that the blood and corpuscles being - which is of the same force of course - being carried and carrying the toxins, the finer fabric as it were, or blood vessels and nerve forces about this portion of the body, became affected and not allowing the used force to be absorbed properly in the system and eliminated, so that specifically along the optic nerve force we find the reflex forces showing their effect to the sense of sight as expressed to the brain, itself, - see?

6. Yet we find almost perfect coordination between the cerebrospinal forces and that of the sympathetic organism, for we find about the ganglion affecting the heart forces that of a perfect coordination, or else the pressure that has been received through the blood forces by the action of the poisons that have been and are being carried in the system would have caused a total absence of sight or of reflective force to any of the forces in the sensory organism, - see?