R5. 2/23/34 See Ck. Physical 442-4 saying that the compound was improperly prepared, that he would have worse skin irritation if getting too much sunburn but to use almond oil or almond cream with oils twice a day, get the original lotion compounded properly; use hand machine violet ray for glands of thyroid region, etc., with throat applicator.

(TEXT OF READING 442-4 M 57)

4. We will find that the sun and the heat from sun will produce a good deal of irritation on these portions that have had these properties rubbed in same. So, until this has been aided by lotions (this portion of the spine, you see) that would take away the irritations produced, we wouldn't be in the sun too much; else we would have WORSE irritation, and too easily sunburned.

5. For such lotions we would use the almond cream, or the almond cream with the oils


項目名 規格値 分析値
外観 淡黄色の透明な液でにおいはほとんどなく味は緩和である 合格
性状   合格
酸価(A・V) 5以下 0.20
けん化価(S・V) 188〜200 190
ヨウ素価(I・V) 92〜105 100.2
比重(20℃) 0.911〜0.918 0.915
重金属 20ppm以下 合格
ヒ素 2ppm以下 合格
不けん化物 1.5%以下 合格
ごま油   合格
綿実油   合格
備考 粧原基適合品